What's in this stuff?

De-stink-tive Derriere toilet paper spray is made with the same gentle ingredients you would find in a natural baby wipe solution, with the addition of organic essential oils for a light, fresh scent.  We use plant-based cleansers like soap bark extract  and skin-softening calendula extract.

Why would you put anything else on your cush tush?

Is it safe to use?

Yes. Our products have been professionally dermatologist-tested, and contain only natural and gentle ingredients. We never test on animals. (They don't use toilet paper anyway.)

How do you use it?

Just spray De-stink-tive Derriere 3-4 times on the toilet paper before wiping.  So easy - you'll never go back to using dry toilet paper alone!

Is it safe for toilets and septic systems?

Yes!  In fact, it's WAY better than those "flushable" wipes that clog sewer pipes.